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At each workshop all participants are encouraged to give their honest and confidential opinion. The following comments represent a selection from these:-
Some of our corporate clients
"Excellent that we are recognising stress as an organisation and are doing something about it. Should be continued . . . . . " 

"Attended stress management course before but useful to have points reinforced and from a G.P." 

" Great balance of experience, empathy and expertise mixed with a great sense of humour." 
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"I feel happier , knowing that the company care enough to bring a doctor to deal with stress related issues."

"I thought at first that I didn't need a course, but I heard such good feedback that I went along - and I am glad that I did." 

"Staff attrition was in the region of 8 % last year, it's currently running at less than 5 %." 

"I believe that it's not just a coincidence that since running the courses for our staff we have consistently met and often exceeded our business objectives."
"I thought the session was very good and should imagine it will be helpful to lots of people."

"The course puts things into context - I now realise that most of my stress I bring to work with me from home/family." 

"Before we ran this course we employed 150 staff and 38 were 'persistent sickness offenders' Since the course this has risen to 210 staff with only 27 being persistent offenders. Some part timers have offered to change there working days, rather than take 'sick'"

 " Staff satisfaction has gone up from 61 % to 74 %" 

To find out more about any of our Relax Workshops , you can either telephone us on 01446 774404
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