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Dr. Terry Stuart has been a GP in the market town of Cowbridge for nearly 20 years. His role as a family doctor and a father to three boys has taught him a great deal about the need for careful management of life’s stresses! In the 1980s he developed an interest in hypnosis and has used this in his practice but also encouraged his practice nurse to teach relaxation techniques, which has been of great benefit to the patients.

Terry was the CME (Continuing Medical Education) Tutor for Cardiff for 5 years until Oct.2001. It was during this time that he developed his relaxed style of presenting. He has chaired numerous meetings, delivered presentations all over the country and has been a presenter on HTV for the past 4 years.
He is also a long serving member of the BRO TAF LMC (Local Medical Committee), one of his roles involves visiting and assisting poorly performing doctors who are often under a great deal of stress.This interest in stress management and relaxation techniques combined with his enthusiasm for presenting led to the creation of TMPS and the RELAX workshops. These have been well received by many different professions over the past 3 years. He has written many articles for local and national magazines, a short booklet on stress and recorded a CD of relaxation techniques. Terry strongly believes that learning to recognise and deal with the stresses in our lives is essential and really can make a difference to those who choose to take the opportunity to make changes.

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